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Essentials for buying narrow ties in England

Mar 14, 2020

Essentials for buying narrow ties in England

With the fashionableness of the British fashion, the popularity of retro dress, and the revival of the spirit of punk guests, the narrow necktie of the British style has become an indispensable accessory for fashion players. Because the narrow necktie of England does not restrict age, gender, etc., it is inevitable to become a trend. OK, then it is very important for you to choose a narrow necktie in England. Below I will say a few key points that I think for your reference. I also hope that you can reply to the post to add it.

First of all, the British narrow tie is not as narrow as possible, you should choose one that suits you

It is generally believed that the popular ones are ultra-fine and ultra-narrow, so go and buy according to this idea. In fact, it is not to say that the narrower the better, the key is to choose the one that suits you. Generally, neckties within 8CM can be considered narrow. The tie, the ordinary tie should be much wider. Anyone that suits you? It depends on personal preference. Generally, friends who are used to formal tie can choose a narrower than formal tie first, take a while, and so on. You can try to bring thinner and narrower styles, step by step, huh, huh.

Second, the British narrow tie has nothing to do with gender and height

Many buyers come to ask such questions when buying British narrow ties: I am taller, can I bring it? My height is not high, can I bring it? I am a girl, can I bring it? Actually, Yinglun Narrow ties are not related to gender and height. British narrow ties are very neutral. Generally, you can choose as long as you like. As for the length, they are basically the same length, slightly different in length. But generally, when you tie a tie, you can adjust it yourself. You can play it longer or shorter. Therefore, the length is not a distance.

Once again, the workmanship of the British narrow tie is the key

The general narrow tie is made of silk as the main raw material, and maybe mixed with other fabrics, so the texture is actually similar. About wool and cotton proposed by Amoy friends, it is basically not used on narrow ties. Different from the formal tie, the key is still workmanship. Although brands such as DIOR are good, although they are big brands, they are basically not sold in China, and they are also expensive abroad. Generally, it is normal for more than 1,000 yuan, so You can choose some with good textures and good workmanship. I personally think that quality is the most important thing. I wear a tie and other people can't see what brand it is. Good purchase quality is better.