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Essential knowledge for buying silk products

Mar 26, 2020

Now the weather is relatively cold. Let ’s start with winter scarves. Among silk scarves, there is a variety called silk brushed scarves, which are mainly used in winter. The general specifications are 180 * 30CM. Silk brushed scarves are still relatively unfamiliar to the average consumer. Compared with wool scarves, it has better skin-friendly, warmth and comfort. Compared to cashmere scarves, it has the advantages of being lighter, softer and more affordable. There are currently two types of scarves on the market.

1. Ingredients: 100% mulberry silk.

2. Mixed silk, 3/7, 4/6, or even 5/5, that is, the silk content maybe 70%, 60%, 50%. The rests are other cotton or chemical fibers. (Basically 100% mulberry silk is marked on the scour).

It ’s better to distinguish between these two scarves.

1. Touch by hand. A brushed scarf made of 100% silk is smoother to touch. If the scarf does not feel smooth and feels a bit on a cotton towel, it is basically mixed with other ingredients such as cotton.

2. Nose smell. This is the same reason as buying a silk quilt because silk has a natural and unique fragrance. Pure silk brushed scarf smells more silk. If mixed with other ingredients, the taste will be very light or almost unscented.

3. If you are not sure about the above two methods, there is another simple way to burn. Mulberry silk itself is a protein component. When it is burned, it will emit a smell similar to burning hair. After burning, it will be broken into powder by touching it with your hands. If there are components such as chemical fiber, it will form hard granules after burning. The state and smell are also bad.

4. A problem often mentioned by customers who have used silk brushed scarves is the slight hair loss during initial use. If it is slight, this is not a quality problem. If it is not lost at all, it can be definitely at present. Fake. This must be explained from his manufacturing process. The fuzz on the silk brushed scarf is destructively processed by a machine to pull out the surface of the fabric, so it will not be cleaned properly, and it will remain on the surface of the scarf.