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Does silk sleep goggles help sleep?

May 25, 2020

The silk eye mask that belongs to your girls!! For all girls who are afraid of light, it is definitely the best partner to fall asleep. The most comfortable material I can think of is silk, which has a smooth and delicate touch and can satisfy the girl's heart just by looking at it.

I didn't think how important this little thing was before. One day, I have forgotten to take a car with my colleague on a business trip. I have to sit in a car for 3 hours. I have also encountered annoying traffic jams ... Passed in a silk blindfold, and felt the temperature dropped by 10 degrees, and the world became better!!

Later, as long as it is out of the bag, it must be installed! Compared to ordinary artificial silk, of course it is more comfortable than a little bit. This is very recommended for his family. It is 100% mulberry silk fabric.

The quality and feel are very good. It feels slippery to the touch. It feels a little cool when worn. It is extremely soft. It does not press the eyes and does not scratch the head.

Blackout 100% Silk Eyemask