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Does a tie tight scarf cause eye problems?

Mar 04, 2020

I wonder if you have ever felt that as long as the tie is tight, your eyes will be swollen and uncomfortable, and things will be blurred. When you relax or not tie, the above symptoms will disappear. This phenomenon is not abnormal, and tightly wrapped necks do increase the risk of eye disease. When the tie is too tight, it will compress the carotid arteries and nerves, hinder the normal blood circulation of the human body, cause brain ischemia and hypoxia, cause the normal supply of nutrients to be restricted, and affect the optic nerve and the oculomotor nerve. Something blurs and other symptoms. On the other hand, a tight tie will also compress the neck veins, and the venous blood in the eyes cannot smoothly return to the heart, and the stagnant tissue around the eyes will affect vision and cause eye swelling and discomfort.

Some research results show that too tight a neck wrap can also increase the pressure on the eyes, leading to the occurrence of eye diseases. A study by the German medical department showed that tie tightly under the neck and throat can easily cause glaucoma. Researchers' tests on 40 male citizens showed that after 3 minutes of tying, most people's IOP increased by 20%. The tie compresses the neck veins, affects blood circulation, and produces side effects on eyes. German experts advise not to tie too tightly.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, glaucoma is the main cause of preventable eye blindness. Most of them are caused by the obstruction of the aqueous humor, causing excessive eye pressure and damage to the optic nerve. Robert Richie, an ophthalmologist at the New York Eye and Ear Hospital, said that a tight tie will compress the veins in the neck, causing more blood to flow to the eye, which will increase eye pressure. Excessive eye pressure can eventually cause more serious damage to the eyes than glaucoma. Men with tight ties and thick necks should be alert to long-term damage to the optic nerve.

For this reason, ophthalmologists warn people that those who wear a tie should not tie it too tightly; those wearing Chinese costumes should not tighten their collars too tightly. You should give your neck a proper degree of freedom to protect your eyes effectively.