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Do you know how to buy a scarf?

May 22, 2020

After the winter solstice, the temperature will be even lower, every day in the environment of indoor and outdoor ice and fire, it seems awkward to wear anything. The scarf is an indispensable item in this season. It protects the neck and the whole body is warm. The saying goes: "Wearing a cotton hat in winter is like wearing a cotton jacket.

The sleeveless vest full of summer refreshing feeling and the scarf full of warmth is confrontation and fusion. If there is innovation, there is a dream. For cold weather, the scarf is a warm weapon for people to go out. The material is cotton, wool, or polyester fiber. The weather is getting colder. Skills that a girl needs to learn. In the cold and warm winter, love scarves, especially cashmere scarves, is simply not enough.

The black knitted scarf is definitely versatile. Every day during the countdown to the Spring Festival, the red scarf starts to brush the screen. At the dinner party, including the men and women who carry big bags and small bags in the advertisement to go home for the New Year ... If you have fair skin, then the rose color is your most Good choice.

Soft texture and soft luster: Cashmere scarves have fine, soft, and smooth characteristics, and the silk-like soft and bright natural luster is attractive. I always thought that crochet is only suitable for crochet in summer or scarf and shawl in winter; another way of thinking, the original thick needle, and the thick line can also be used for cold winter or spring and autumn: cold winter is used for the bottom, and a little skirt is exposed under the thick coat; spring and autumn Adding a base coat inside, it is both beautiful and warm. How to wear a scarf: Hang a scarf folded to the appropriate width from the front to the neck. Cross the ends of the scarf behind the neck and then wrap it around your chest. And the raw materials are set up a professional quality control team to check them layer by layer, to ensure that the raw materials are processed and produced, the cashmere scarf has better gloss, stronger colorfastness, and guarantees the quality of the product.

One can reduce the heavy feeling brought by the coat and maintain relative balance; second, it can add beauty. Cotton or wool, with a whisker, has a more wintery feel. When tying the knots, choose those that are suitable for your personal dress style, such as diamond knots, diamond flowers, roses, heart-shaped knots, cross knots, etc., to avoid overlapping the neck, excessive horizontal and too high-level texture Flower knot.

As the star product of scarves, cashmere scarves are relatively expensive compared to other products, but the actual warmth effect is very good, and in terms of feel, they are indeed the top products in scarves. The woolen scarf is warm and blocking the face.