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DIY Make Beautiful Scarf Tutorial

Mar 11, 2020

How to make your scarf unique, mushroom share a very simple manual tutorial, easy to get! Materials to be prepared: 

1. A plain scarf, cotton, and linen are better, comfortable! 2. Rubber stamp tool (special rubber for a rubber stamp, utility knife, woodblock for fixing) 3. Textile paint 4. Writing brush


Steps to make a simple printed scarf1 The steps to make a simple scarf are as follows:

  1. First, engraved the pattern to be printed on the scarf on the rubber. The pattern can be a star, a circle, a square, and one or more patterns can be prepared. Here we use one large, one small, two. 2. Stick the finished rubber stamp on the wooden block with a glue gun. I do n’t know if I can use double-sided tape. I have n’t tried it. If it can be stuck, it should be fine. Both hands. Simple printing scarf making step 2 glued rubber stamp, next, you can paint on it.






Simple printing scarf making steps 33. Brush the color on the rubber stamp, and then print the pattern on the prepared scarf. When printing, pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of patterns, pay attention to the combination of dense and dense, the overall beauty is just fine. After printing, dry the pigments and you're done!