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Different ties for different occasions

Mar 03, 2020

1. After choosing the color of the tie, it is easy to handle. Usually the color of the shirt should match the tie. The color of the pattern on the tie is more conspicuous than that on the shirt. White or light-colored shirts can be matched with monochrome or bright patterned ties for any occasion.

2. Pure-color tie. Generally speaking, the solid-color tie is a tie usually used by company employees. It is fashionable, neat and harmonious, and it is a tie for office workers.

3. Striped tie. In fact, there are many variations in the size and color of the striped tie. The black background has a bright style and vivid meaning, and you can participate in formal or informal occasions.

4, plaid tie, this tie is not suitable for solemn formal negotiations, but can be worn on more easy-going occasions.

5, patterned spots tie, this tie gives a sense of freedom and chic, usually attend a party of good friends or informal play between colleagues.

Ties of different colors are worn on different occasions. Some are dignified and generous, some are free and easy, and some tie colors give a warm spring feeling, and some are enthusiastic.