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Different matching styles of scarfs

Feb 19, 2020

Slim scarf, shawl blanket, knitted scarf ... This is the season for scarves! When we put on the most popular clothes of the season and dyed the most fashionable hair color, we found that we still couldn't bear the cold of late autumn, opened the cabinet and turned out the most eye-catching single product this season-scarf. I found that we have all kinds of scarves, but we have not used them. How should we match it to keep it warm and become the most eye-catching single product at the same time?

silk scarf

Small square with T-shirt

Weekend entertainment to play, just wearing comfortable T-shirts and jeans is not enough, quickly take out your most common small square scarf, tied around the neck or wrists, pants pockets ... embellish everything you can think of it.

Rectangular scarf with off-shoulder clothes

When you want to reveal your charming collarbone, you will feel cold or embarrassed. Then take your long silk scarf and tie it around your neck to relieve the embarrassment of overexposure.

silk scarf

When you want to wear something very cool, don't worry that being black will eclipse you in the crowd. You only need a large square scarf to make you shine in the crowd.

Knitted scarf

Knitted scarf with belt clothes

This knitted scarf can easily become bloated. At this time, you only need a belt, tighten it as much as possible, and show the figure curve.