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Delicate little square scarf

Jan 14, 2019

Since the resurgence of the 70s retro style last year, you must have seen a lot of coffee people choose a small silk scarf with a color print on the neck, with a simple knit, T-shirt, shirt to add a touch.


This kind of small silk scarf is often used as a "decoration of a collar and a necklace". From the style point of view, it always feels a little cute and playful, which is very suitable for a girl who wants to blend in with the sense of exquisiteness. A simple bow is a bit sweet, and the triangle is a bit hippie and handsome.


Although all kinds of delicate and delicate small items have never been the choice of the heart of the man, the anti-men's Leandra Medine will use a small scarf to neutralize some of her man's looks and clothing selections. Even used to tie the details on the arm.


Of course, although I don't like it, the cake will be bought. My shopping tips are: 50cm or more is enough, 60cm is right. Although the pattern and color determine the style, the color of the tie is important for the match.