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custom silk scarves designs and manufactures Hundred Scarf, Inc

Jun 29, 2018

Hundred Scarf, Inc. designs and manufactures custom silk scarves.

Custom silk scarves have been a mainstay of our custom offerings at Hundred since we started making custom gifts and accessories in 2010.

Our custom scarf designs begin with a concept for a scarf in either a square or oblong format.

We make custom scarves in a number of sizes. Typically, we want to design the scarf around the optimum yield of the silk fabric so that it will be the most cost effective and not waste the silk itself. We can discuss size options with you at the beginning of the process to help make some of these decisions at the outset.

We print our custom silk scarves on silk twill, satin, chiffon, and crépe.  Each of these fabric weights and weaves have different properties and looks when printed. We also offer twill in a few different weights which have a more or less formal quality.

We craft our scarves with hand-rolled or machine rolled hems depending on your preference. A hand-rolled hem is a rolled and hand sewn stitch by stitch – which is the most traditional and formal scarf finish. A machine hem is less expensive than a hand rolled hem, but a scarf collector will expect to see a hand-rolled edge as a mark of quality.

We provide a custom woven logo label and a custom printed hang tag made to order for your scarves. We can also provide custom retail packaging for your scarves made to order.

Call us to discuss minimum quantities for your custom scarves. Our minimums will vary based on the print technique.

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