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Color Match of Scarves

Sep 12, 2018

Purple is a very mysterious color and one of the colors that many big-name designers love. The right use and matching can help you improve the taste of your clothes.

First, purple and purple are the most common in the whole body, and can be used in the same way.

It is purple with purple, pink and purple. such as:

1, purple striped scarf + purple trousers + purple handbag

2, pink purple sweater + light purple vest.

3, the purple boat collar sweater + purple decorative strips and knee skirt + high boots.

Second, the matching program - purple + brown purple

When paired with brown, it is best to take a cascading approach: just expose the purple garment to a small area, or just as an accessory. Be sure to match the colors or styles of the fashionable accessories, otherwise it will be easy to look rustic. such as:

1, purple sleeveless shirt + fur collar scarf + brown trousers

2, brown plaid sweater + brown shirt + purple handbag

3, purple sweater + brown jacket + brown plaid skirt + gold handbag

Third, the matching program - purple + black purple

When paired with black, a 1:1 matching principle should be adopted, that is, the purple area and the black area each account for about half. Purple and black with darker colors are more likely to shine. such as

1, light purple sleeveless shirt + black knee skirt + black boots

2, purple dress + black small scarf + black mesh socks + black high heels

3, purple seven-point sleeve sweater + black side slits and knee skirt + black mesh socks + black high heels. A typical 1:1 collocation method.

Fourth, the matching scheme - purple + light brown

When purple and light brown match, the opposite of brown, purple should be made in the whole area, such as dress, skirt, pants, etc., it is best not to match with two sets of different colors, it will look calm and beautiful. such as:

1, dark purple leather jacket + light brown skirt + black leather boots

2, purple trousers + light brown knit suit + brown red leather shoes (right) purple chicken heart collar sweater + light brown plaid skirt + light brown leather shoes

3, light brown knit sweater + purple skirt + black stockings + black high heels

With a variety of reference popular purple:

1, purple is also divided into many kinds, you may wish to observe your skin color, to see what shades of purple for yourself, in general, blue tones, more suitable for people with yellowish skin, because blue and yellow have complementary effects . In addition, blue-violet-toned clothes are also easier when paired with other items, such as gray, blue, and purple, which will make your eyes shine.

2, the reddish purple is full of femininity, but when compared with other color items, it is more limited. The fuchsia garment is suitable for matching with the same purple or neutral black or white.

3, in addition, there is a purple with a gray tone, if you directly match the gray, you can achieve an elegant effect. The deeper purple is more harmonious with the blue and black. As for the light ochre, if it is juxtaposed with various pink colors. Can wear a soft effect.

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