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Collocation knowledge

Apr 03, 2019

1, "free" with the rules. For example, a scarf with a solid color and knees is very character. Wearing a long coat and jeans, you can arbitrarily put the scarf on the front and back shoulders, let the tassels on the scarf dance and feel comfortable. When wearing a sleeveless dress, sleeveless vest sweater or V-neck low-cut dress, you can also wear a long scarf with a different style.

2, mixing and matching rules. For example, wearing a chiffon shirt and high heels, the overall appearance of elegant women's style. But with a coarsely woven wool scarf, it creates a strong contrast collision, creating a visual effect.

3, handsome match principle. For example, a young man dressed in a handsome coat, wrapped around a few rounds of a scarf woven with long thin wool, has a kind of intellectual beauty, while giving off a warm feeling.

4, the law of long scarf. Long scarves have a lot of matching styles. For example, when wearing a collarless dress, you can wrap the long scarf around your neck, and let the scarf hang down one after the other. Or a long scarf with a red scarf on a white shirt, handsome and capable.

5, the necessary rules. Women must have a shawl of wool fabric. If it is a working woman, the windbreaker must also be matched with a very good fabric scarf, so as to show personal elegance and taste.