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it is a wise and reliable decision to give a classic and practical scarf even as a gift

Nov 26, 2018

On the show of 2018 autumn and winter, Versace, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Creatures of Comfort, you will find that the scarf is really fashion and very versatile!

Nowadays, the scarf is not only a warm item, but as long as it is in the winter, the convex and concave shape is a matter of getting started in minutes, and it can also bring out your personality. The popular wearing method of scarves is nothing more than the following "completely get" items.

1. Put the scarf on the neck

There is no complicated knotting method, that is, casually scattered on the neck, natural and sexual, lazy people go out like this is still fashionable.

2, use a scarf around the neck

This is the Top 1 of the most popular method of wearing,  casually presented, but it can present a fashionable effect with an auxiliary sense.

3. Stack up with a scarf around your neck

Learning the "stacking" skills of scarves can make your face small and highlight your "small gentleness", but be careful not to tie so tight, otherwise you will feel the feeling of being caught by a scarf.

4, use a scarf to "knot a knot" to the neck

This kind of enclosure is also very simple, just wear a scarf and make a beautiful knot. Just adjust the shape! It's also a new skill that is both warm and stylish.

Whether it is for practical or good-looking angles, it is a wise and reliable decision to give a classic and practical scarf even as a gift at the end of the year. A scarf can be used for five years and it is cost-effective."Fashion old driver" has already listed all kinds of net red big-brand scarves, and it is not wrong to buy them.