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Choose scarf style according to face shape and body shape

Apr 20, 2020

In the autumn and winter seasons, scarves are starting to shine again, becoming people's favorite accessories and clothing attachments. The function of the scarf has also evolved from cold protection to decoration. Nowadays, there are many styles of scarves on the market. How can I choose one that suits me? In fact, every one's face and body shape have a certain influence on the choice of scarves.

Before choosing a scarf, the homepage needs to determine what type of face it is? Then choose a scarf or scarf?

First look at the profile. The lines of the face are soft and smooth. It is recommended that the material of the silk scarf should be softer accordingly. The texture and design are a little curvy. You can find some flowers on the pattern, which will echo the lines of the face. If the face has distinct lines and edges and corners, choose a scarf with stripes, geometric patterns or abstract patterns.

Then, see if your facial features are small or atmospheric. The facial features of the MM are suitable for small floral patterns, simple and elegant patterns, rather than using too exaggerated lines, otherwise, the contrast will be too large to make the facial features appear smaller. For those with thick eyebrows and big eyes, you need to apply a little force to the patterns used. Don't use too small patterns, otherwise, your facial features will appear more extensive.

Then determine what type of body you are?

Look in the mirror, wear tight clothes, and visually check the width of shoulders, crotch, waist, and abdomen.

Hourglass-The shoulders and crotch are almost wide, and the waist is thin, which means that you are an hourglass. This is the girl's favorite body. The basic styles of scarfs will look good.

The inverted triangle-the neck is short and thick, the shoulder is wider than the crotch, and the thicker back is the inverted triangle.

Tie the scarf around your chest, tie a knot, and shift your gaze to make your shoulders narrower. You can also turn the scarf into a belt and lower your eyes to your waist. You can also use a silk scarf to make a small skirt around the crotch to increase the fullness of the buttocks, and the shoulders will also become narrow.

Positive triangle-slipping shoulders, the hips, and hips are very prominent is the positive triangle.

This figure needs to improve the visual strength of the shoulder. The center of the scarf should move upwards. It can be made into a shawl so that the shoulder is raised.

O-shaped body-particularly prominent belly/waist, such as pregnant women or very fat people.

You can choose a simple vertical system method, with dark colors. You can't use a large plaid, which will exaggerate. If you have a short neck, you can loosen the scarf.

Petite people-don't wear extra long scarves or they will be shorter. To use a silk scarf, lift the center of gravity upward, for example, don't let both ends hang on your chest, but throw it behind your back. There are also finer fabrics and denser weaving methods, even if you use a large wool scarf, you must also use worsted.

The chest is not full enough-you can use a scarf to make a drape and make a drape collar on the chest, which increases the fullness of the chest.