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Chiffon scarf with temperament

Feb 25, 2020

In the spring, when flowers and chiffon are overwhelming, a silk scarf for your temperament is essential. The windy days are still hazy, and the flowing silk scarf also evokes a good mood for you. I love Lolita's purity and Lolita's dream, and the style of silk scarves is more wonderful!

Chiffon scarf with temperament

01 Geometric pattern becomes gentle

Geometric patterns often make color blocks "bully." Chiffon silk scarf, unique and elegant with spring colors, the geometric waist becomes so gentle. The circular arrangement of the size and the size is vivid, and it is just right with the casual T-shirt.

02 elegant gradient

Don't worry about the sweetness of the floral, don't make the dark color heavy and old. Try this gradient color in this windy spring! Autumn and winter began to fiery gradient colors are good at setting off the elegant temperament. Dating with your boyfriend on the weekends in the suburbs, no matter whether the white long dress or the tender green knit sweater will definitely show your sincere feelings.

03 Flowers blooming

Flowers are no longer the representative of the pastoral, but when the texture of the blooming color is far better than the flowers, the colors are uniquely attractive. The red and blue color length is particularly gorgeous against the white coat. Generous and dignified!

04 Elegant lines

Spring white shirts or white chiffon are the favorite items of MMs. The work dress is always worried about the color block is rigid, in fact, the decorative effect of the silk scarf just does all this. The irregular line sense undoubtedly serves as the monotony of the chiffon shirt embellished with jewelry. Just the shape of the girl's elegant temperament performance.

05 Monochrome Scarf

For those who like simple style, when spring flowers are blooming and the style is not what you think, you can wear a simple monochrome scarf to wear a trendy style. Striped, denim, canvas-based dress and twist chiffon scarf. The colors are vivid and new!