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Characteristics of linen fabric

Apr 27, 2020

Linen fabrics are recognized and favored by consumers in the global market. They all say that linen fabrics are good, but friends who can explain the benefits of linen fabrics are rare. So what are the characteristics and advantages of linen fabrics, how about linen scarfs? The editor takes you to see the truth of linen.



Sun shawl flower embroidery scarf

Linen fabric textiles are endless, but they are no longer limited to linen clothes, such as: linen curtains, linen tablecloths, linen pillows, linen bedspreads, linen cushions, linen neck pillows, lunch break pillows, etc. are all products of linen textiles diversification.

The characteristics of linen fabric: moisture absorption, dryness, and coolness

Linen fabrics have the same water balance characteristics as cotton and linen fabrics: moisture absorption and moisture retention. In the dry season, the linen fabric can absorb a small amount of moisture in the air, so that the clothing can maintain a certain humidity, keep the fabric soft and comfortable, and not dry. In the hot summer season, a season prone to sweating, linen clothes can absorb and dissipate excess water, making people feel dry and cool.

The characteristics of linen fabric: inhibit bacteria and prevent disease

Linen scarfs have high strength, corrosion resistance, good bacteria suppression effect, and can effectively prevent some diseases. Some experts have found that linen scarfs have a certain therapeutic effect on skin inflammation and reduce the allergic symptoms of allergic skin, which can be said to be the gospel of friends with skin diseases.

The characteristics of linen fabrics: Radiation-proof mobile phones and computers are daily necessities of modern people's lives. The ensuing radiation pollution is a serious problem faced by modern people. Low-headed people face mobile phones for a long time, and they are more seriously affected by radiation pollution. Some experts have shown that adding 20% of linen to clothing materials can prevent up to 80% of radiation. 

Characteristics of linen fabric: anti-static

Linen can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity. Adding 10% of linen to the fabric can almost completely eliminate the generation of static electricity, effectively reducing the symptoms of chest tightness, difficulty breathing, headache, restlessness, and other symptoms in a static environment.

The above are the characteristics of linen fabrics. How about linen clothes? I believe you have a better understanding. There are many benefits of linen clothes, and your heart is not as good as action. Hurry and have linen scarfs and enjoy a healthy, simple and comfortable life!