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Cashmere scarves, your missing soulmate

Dec 18, 2018

Cashmere is the closest fiber to the soul in the world, and it is also the most humanized material. It not only brings you physical security, but also spiritual pleasure.

cashmere 18

Fran Lebowitz said, "I don't believe in god, I only believe Cashmere."


There is a special iron comb needed to gently comb down cashmere. 

So the quantity is very small, only 170g of wool each sheep every year, a scarf of about 300g weight needs the cashmere of two sheep.So cashmere is also called "fiber gem" and "soft gold".


Pure color cashmere scarves


Hemingway said, "if you lived in Paris when you were young, Paris would follow you all your life, because Paris is a moveable feast."I want to say: "if you lived in Paris when you were young, the beauty of black will follow you all your life."

Black, the color of a French woman.Chanel once said: "black is the ultimate color of absolute beauty."Then, black captured the heart of French woman.


Camel Brown

Camel is light and warm.Resemble a cup of proper green tea, strong and not draught, weak and have taste, it is the base color that makes a person rest assured most in collocation -- peaceful and halcyon, fashionable and high.

cashmere camelcashmere camel1

Camel Brown

Burgundy red is not the first color to impress people, in the red department of all colors, it is more like the temperament of "thin film oblique water light".With placid gesture will be a temperament into the hearts of people.

The deepness of Burgundy is fragrant yu is the best explanation to grace, its flowery differ from big gules wallop, blended however gules and black, dense romantic in temperance.

cashmere 20cashmere wine red1


Gray is colorless, neither hue nor purity, only brightness.A little simple, a little lonely, a little ethereal, elusive.

cashmere 1 3

Cashmere, makes the winter not that gloomy. 

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