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At any time, the color of the tie is darker than the color of the shirt

Mar 20, 2020

1. The width of the tie should match the width of the splice (ie the lapel of the suit). 2. Generally speaking, the narrower the barge, the more fashionable! The generous bark looks old-fashioned and conservative, reminiscent of the style that was popular in the United States 50 years ago. 3. In addition to men's ties, there are square scarves. A square scarf in your chest pocket can make you look more elegant, but remember that the material and pattern of the square must not be the same as that of a tie. Before you degenerate into an old antique, remember that a kerchief is the place where you have the most freedom and personality when wearing a suit. 4. If you want to buy a ready-made suit, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the shoulders fit well. Shoulder pads should be exactly the same width as the shoulders, not too long or too high. 5. If the distance between the neckline of the jacket and the collar of the shirt is too large, it means that this unsuitable suit was borrowed from your brother or uncle. Just choose dark gray, it is more suitable for matching different colors and different styles of clothing. 7. The color of the belt should be the same as the leather shoes. Don't choose too wide belt. 8. What color suit should be matched with leather shoes. 9. Double-spirited suits on the back sides are more fashionable. why? One reason is enough: it looks even cooler with hands in your pockets. 10. If you want to wear a casual feel, choose a suit with a single button pointed collar. 11. If you are attending a formal event, choose a two-button suit in the style of the barge below. 12. With this "Savier Street" hanging method, your pants will not slide off the hanger. 13. To see if the bust is suitable, just fasten the buttons and see if the hand can still slide freely between the clothes and the chest. 14. Be sure to unbutton before you sit down, otherwise the best suit may be torn by the unbuttoned button. 15. The suit with two buttons is the button on the top, or the button in the middle with three buttons, and the position cannot be lower than the navel. 15. Don't try a tie other than a Windsor knot. Decide whether to use a half or full Windsor knot according to your face shape. If you don't know whether your face is big or small, ask your male friends, their evaluation will be more objective. 17. When wearing a vest, don't tie the bottom button. It is true that someone can still take off a blazer elegantly with all the buttons on a vest, and this type of race is usually called a model. 18. In cold weather, if you still need to wear a suit, then wear a vest, which can provide a warming effect equivalent to a sweater, but looks better than 10,000 times better. 19. The shirt cuff is 1 cm longer than the jacket. A real gentleman will make the length of the shirt cuffs equal to the height of the shirt when viewed from the back. 20. Before deciding to buy a suit, you must first prepare a sharp knife or scissors. Because you have to pick up the pocket on the seam and the logo on the cuff. Preserving trademarks makes people think that you have passed from the end of the Republic of China to the present. 21. The socks should be long enough so that you don't expose your furry calves when you sit down. 22. At any time, the color of the tie should be darker than the color of the shirt. 23. The length of a formal blazer should cover the zipper on the pants. 24. The lower end of the tie should not hang below the belt. 25. The more popular way of wearing is that the length of the trousers can just touch the shoes. Correspondingly, the way the trousers cover the shoes is old fashioned. 27. Finally, it is best to have dimples when the tie is fastened.