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An artifact that enhances the overall style of dressing - scarves

May 11, 2019

The indispensable thing in the wardrobe every year and three seasons is the scarf. I think the scarf is a magical thing, improving the overall taste, color, embellishment, windproof, short neck, really omnipotent.

Then, next, I recommend the following materials for the scarf:

1, cashmere - tall, although expensive, but there must be a few different colors, when the shawl is also good, when the scarf is worth mentioning, absolutely and chemical fiber scarf is not in a grade.

2, wool - wool's shortcomings are some tie. But a little warm, it looks thick, cashmere scarves are generally not as thick as we can. In the winter, two thick woolen scarves are a must, and the color jumps and changes.

3, silk - of course, where the silk is, even imitation. But the silkworm's hard-woven silk still has its own merits. Where can a silk dress be expensive? Silk scarves are worth starting, not expensive, long and short.

4, blended - wool and cashmere blended. This kind of scarf has the advantages and disadvantages of wool and cashmere. It can make more colors and styles, and the comfort can be guaranteed.

Then there is the size, there are just a few kinds of scars, the size of the scarf is as follows: 30*150cm 30*165cm, 30*170cm, 53*170cm, 53*175cm, 53*180cm, 65*170cm, 65*180cm, 110*180cm,

Of course, there are also bigger ones, which are basically rectangular.

My suggestion for size selection is: the same price, the length is not short. Especially in winter, a small and thin scarf, made into a small bow tie.

Long and large scarves can make more effects, and bring out more style and atmosphere.

Since the size is not a big problem, there is a particular emphasis on the color of the color.

The scarves in the closet should be mainly solid colors, supplemented by colors. The colors, the lattice, the small florals are all good and safe choices. There are thousands of kinds of them, the specific match, you can look at the picture to cultivate aesthetics, the following are some of the winter mismatched tips, not knowing how to wear the sisters can look.

Q: Black jacket with a scarf of God horse color?

A: It is the standard model for all scarves. It doesn't pick colors and doesn't pick patterns. Pay attention to the material. In addition, red, sapphire and other beautiful colors with black, it is easy to get out.

Q: Camel/coffee coat with a scarf of God horse color?

A: You can avoid the scarf of the same color.


Q: What color and style scarf is the dark green and beige coat?

A: Dark green jacket, can be equipped with bright scarves, preferably silk scarves, because the dark green is generally more expensive, not too much. White is better with color, a long, wider shawl, the best look of burgundy. It can also be decorated with a bright red silk scarf.

Q: Red/rose red coat with a horse-like scarf?

A: Black and white with red coats, they must not be hammered, they are achromatic, the color of the whole world is their lover. If your eyes are not bad, you can try a light gray scarf to match, the skin color of the sister paper.

Q: Is the blue/blue coat with a scarf?

A: The blue jacket is cool, the most conservative is still white, choose a white scarf with a lighter fabric, you can also match the effect of the ocean color.

The blue coat can be matched with the two shades of smoke blue, and the beige scarves can also be tried.

Q: Dark red clothes with a scarf of what color

A: With deep red, the big principle is to open the color brightness. It is recommended to match the white scarf to give a refreshing and natural feeling. Deep purple is also very good to match, giving people a more mature foot, suitable for people in the workplace. Goose yellow and light blue with a deep red coat, more warm, you can try ~

Doing the above, basically no big mistake in the matching of the scarf. If you use the thoughts again, it is easy to get taller.

Ok, let's talk about a scarf method that I like: