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A woman who does not wear silk scarf has no future

Mar 06, 2019

Sociologist and image consultant Anna Akbarri said: “Wearing a scarf is one of the five simple ways to improve your image.” This is especially true for working women, who have multiple tasks in a limited suit style and color. The carrier, with its shape, color, texture and pattern, successfully attracts attention.

Audrey Hepburn once said: The silk scarf is not only an ornament, but its magic is to make a person's characteristics from the details. It is also hard to forget that at the wedding of her and Andre Dotti, Hepburn replaced the traditional veil with its signature headscarf.

Scarves are also one of Elizabeth Taylor's favorite accessories, and she even commented that women who are not silk scarves are the least promising women. In 2011, when Kate Winslet was filmed for V magazine, she deliberately paid tribute to Elizabeth Taylor and recreated her classic headscarf style.

Nowadays, many merchants have begun to tentatively use silk scarves as accessories with everything. If those styles can be changed by only one scarves, why not? Next, we will provide you with some stylish passwords for unlocking scarves.

NO.1: One color of the same color

When you choose the main color of the clothing, choose the silk scarf that is similar in color, keep it in the same color, never make mistakes, seemingly random but carefully selected, showing the feeling of natural comfort.

NO.2: Simplified Chinese and Traditional

Match your simple dress with a fancy fancy scarf, I heard that it is the best match. Colorful multi-colored silk squares, rich color choices, even if you only wear a white shirt today, a delicate silk scarf can instantly become temperament and connotation.

NO.3: The color should also be against

Colliding with colors, who said that only avant-garde bold people can play with the contrast color, simple monochrome contrast, or pattern collision, can form a strong confrontation with the clothing, the effect can also make people shine Do not believe you try.

NO.4: Be a gentle woman

Nowadays, the female man occupies more than half of the fashion circle, and the tough style is matched with a silky scarf, which is a proper harmony. You can choose a retro style silk scarf to match, not too eye-catching, but it feels just good, low-key yet elegant, tough and slightly gentle.

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