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A silk scarf fulfills a woman's beautiful wish.

Mar 06, 2019

Among all the celebrity effects, American Hollywood movie stars have contributed to the demonstration of scarves. In "Roman Holiday", when Audrey Hepburn was sitting in the car, the picture of the scarf rising with the wind has always been a classic lens in the minds of countless fans; although I don't know "the queen is not wearing the crown, "Hermes scarf" is true or false, but on the British stamp, the scarf of Elizabeth II is indeed Hermes; in "Princess Diary", the Queen wants to let the little princess who grew up in the folks move up to the society as soon as possible. Recommended for the little princess is the Hermes scarf; in 2006, the fashion blockbuster "The Queen of Prada", the appearance of the strong and fashionable magazine female editor is a silver hair with a white Hermes scarf.

Since Hermès launched the first silk scarf at the 100th anniversary of 1937, Hermes has always been popular, rich colors, unique patterns, legendary stories, exudes the most pure and elegant woman taste in Paris.

In the Hermès brand story, there is one such thing: there is a woman who always stands on the busiest street in Paris and sells newspapers. There is a Hermès store on this street. Finally, one day, the woman walked into the Hermès store and asked the clerk to give her a Hermès scarf. The clerk was thinking about how to explain that the store was too expensive. The woman said calmly: "Don’t worry, I save enough. It turned out that her dream was realized that day. This is her wish to stand in front of the most beautiful window in Paris every day, and work to make a wish: Wait a day to save enough money, buy a Hermès scarf for yourself.

The protagonist of this story is a member who grew up in the Hermes family. A silk scarf made a beautiful wish to sell a woman, and a silk scarf tells a story. For more than 160 years, Hermès has more than 2,000 silk scarves, but not every one is made public. For example, the theme of the first scarf is “Woman in a public carriage”, based on an old fashion game; the design of the “Zodiac” scarf is inspired by the imagination of the Renaissance and Classical times. The picture of the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven preserved by the National Library of France is the inspiration for the composition of this silk scarf.

The production of Hermès silk scarves brings together countless exquisite craftsmanship. Based on the Lyon district, from design to production, it must undergo rigorous seven-step work: theme concept to pattern finalization, pattern scribing color analysis and net making, color combination , printing coloring, retouching processing, hand and hand quality inspection and final packaging. In this way, each silk scarf passes through the layers and it takes 18 months to be born.

In addition to Hermès, Celine scarf in Paris, France, was originally known for its bold and warm national motifs, and expressed different aesthetic concepts and artistic connotations to the world. Subsequently, the use of simple squares, geometric patterns, high-brightness colors and embroidery, hollowing, drawing and other techniques, to guide the advocating natural and stylish simple personalized trend.

Lanvin uses dynamic elements such as wind, water, sand and heat waves to create dynamic images, such as whirlpools of sea water, shells, and petals that bloom in spring. At the same time, it also cooperates with the popular trend, and the stripes with passion and bright colors are used. The fabric is mainly made of silky silk and transparent chiffon, which highlights the feminine characteristics of romance. Each of its designs has a name that reveals the cultural heritage behind the design.