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A silk scarf can go with all the basics in your wardrobe

Feb 24, 2020

T-shirt + scarf, elegant and comfortable

T-shirt is one of the most indispensable items in spring and summer, and its comfort makes us all have to love it. If you find T-shirts to be too boring, matching silk scarves can be even more elegant.

Fashion illustrator Jenny Walton is a master of silk scarves. Simple black and white, white T-shirt becomes more feminine because of a scarf.

White T-shirts and denim, plus silk scarves around the neck are even more playful.

A more interesting approach is like fashion blogger Leandra Medine, wrapping bright silk scarves around her hands to increase the brilliance of the shape. In the choice of white T, this silk sling has its own elegant characteristics, which goes well with the scarf. Pure black T-shirts are also one of the most commonly worn colors, but it will inevitably look dull. A light silk scarf can add style even if it is also black.

Black and red are also the most advanced color schemes. Scarves can be worn more casually.

Of course, a red scarf can also be paired with the striped T-shirt that will never be popular.

White shirt + scarf, stylish upgrade

How classic are white shirts, we don't need to repeat them. The simplicity of the white shirt determines that it can be basically matched with all scarves, and the material and method of the scarves determine different styles.

White shirt + jeans is indeed a "no error look", Leandra Medine used a silk scarf to turn no error into brilliant.

White shirts and pencil skirts may also be a common match for many female white-collar workers. A scarf can complete the conversion between work and leisure.

A colored scarf makes the white shirt + black trousers more feminine.

The way to form a choker with a silk scarf is a more personalized and girly choice.

The color matching of black and white is classic, and white shirts and black scarves are always in error. At the same time, the choice of bottoms and accessories can be more bold.

There is also a small tip. When your white shirt is silk, a white scarf with the same material and color is an excellent choice. This is how fashion blogger Elina Halimi and Russian celebrity Elena Perminova wear it.