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A Brief History of Silk Scarf Functionality

Jun 06, 2018

Timeless in function and fashion, the silk scarf is as utilitarian today as it ever has been. Silk has stood the test of time in all ages and a myriad of activities. It is lustrous, shimmering and durable. It has good absorbency, which makes it comfortable to wear in all seasons. It was first discovered in China around the 27th century BC, and later moved on to other parts of the world. The fiber produced was so treasured that it became a measure of richness.

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Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics because it is a natural protein and contains only 18 amino acids. It is both highly absorbent and easily discharges humidity. So it can keep your skin moist while letting your skin breathe. Silk scarves are an extremely pleasant alternative, in terms of the sensation on the skin, to almost any other material. Silk was the fabric of choice for pilots in the early days of aviation. The soft, supple feel of the silk prevented chafing of the neck from flight suit and jacket collars that were buttoned tightly to prevent drafts. The unique slipperiness against the sensitive neck-skin was important to early riders and pilots alike.

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In cold climates and chilly seasons, silk scarves are worn for warmth. They keep the wind, rain and snow away. There are several effective methods to wrap around the neck and make for a cozy ride down the street. Conversely, in drier, warmer regions of the world thin neck scarves are worn to keep the dust out and to provide a quickly accessible filter whenever the wind picks up or you twist a little harder on the throttle. they wrap around the neck and serve as a ready mouth and nose guard, avoiding sand, dust and dirt. Wetted and wrapped around the neck and head, scarves provide a fantastic evaporative cooling experience to combat hot and arid riding conditions.

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Whatever a person's reason for wearing a silk scarf, they are in good company whenever donning this piece of clothing. Scarves have been worn in all times and places and as long as people have necks this will continue to be the case.

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