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4 ways to wear silk scarf look beautiful

Jan 14, 2019

In the spring,takes off the heavy cotton winter clothing,puts on a simple single coat,and most of the neck will be exposed.So for a female friend with a long neck,a soft neck is attached to the neck of the human body.Small silk scarves can be used immediately to shorten the neck.

For girls with short necks, in the spring, a slightly thicker scarf is not suitable for the tongue. The suitable scarf should be of a texture that is very light and thin, and not too long, a short scarf, such a scarf is tied in the center of the neck, when knotting, the knot is played lower. It looks like it will look more slender in the neck.


For a friend who is not tall and has a short body, special attention should be paid to the scarf. The system is not good, not only looks good, but also makes people look shorter. Therefore, for girls of this height, the choice of scarves should be silky, or the type of satin is the best, and the length of the scarf should not be too long to avoid a top-heavy visual experience.


For a very good body, and full of women, the rectangular scarf will be very good, not only can make the neck look slender, but also make the overall look more thin. However, the length of the scarf should be at least at the waist position, so that people can be thinner, otherwise it will make people feel fatter.